Information boards PRESENT

Information boards serve for a short-term, but also for a long-term promotion of your events. Through them your posters will attract more attention of general public in exclusive locations of Bratislava.

Information boards PRESENT are known to the public. They draw attention on cultural events in Bratislava and other cities by regular changes of posters.

We offer rental of information boards in exclusive locations in Bratislava.

Information boards PRESENT are placed on fixed locations on busy pedestrian communications in the center of Old Town, Ružinov, New Town, Karlova Ves, Dlhé Diely, Kramáre and in Petržalka. You will find them also in the vicinity of the most busy city crossroads and close to the shopping areas. The boards ale placed to fulfill the goal of your campaign.

Information boards PRESENT consist of 3 boards in a triangular shape or of 4 boards in a diamond shape. For your campaign you can choose boards in any amount, from 1 piece to all pieces, which are free in the term chosen by you.  

We are able to place the information materials to size A1 (60cm x 85cm) on every board that you will choose.